Our Roadmap

Where We Are and Where We Are Going

A goal without a plan is just a wish.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Our work at the lab is part follows a step by step plan to help us connect and evolve as a species. In order to enable this, we need to work from the ground up, starting both with ourselves as individuals and as local communities.

Only a self-sustaining foundation can offer a viable long-term ecosystem capable of global change. This foundation also needs to be based on what makes humans tick, and what brings out the best in us.

Thus, this is where we begin.

  • First stepCircles – Enabling Local Governance

    Our journey begins with Circles, an open-source, pro-social platform designed to support and empower communities by enabling broad cooperation. Through matching local needs with available resources, Circles serves as a tool for connection, self-governance and collective action in whatever direction the community may choose.
  • Second stepReimagining Identity

    In an increasingly fragmented world populated by strangers, trust is a rare commodity. E establishing a meaningful and globally reliable and verifiable identity is crucial. Circles encourages the shaping of identity not rooted in the superficial metrics of the day but in service and appreciation. By valuing contributions over popularity, we nurture a solid and authentic sense of self and relationship, countering the negative impact of the more often than not detrimental social media that has defined our time.
  • Third stepThe Altruistic Wallet – Funding Near and Far

    The Altruistic Wallet, a wallet which can only be used on someone else, offers a comprehensive and peer-to-peer way to support meaningful projects both locally and globally. This digital wallet not only offers a smooth onramp for regular donations but also stores your contributions, be they deeds, funds or other resources, making your impact visible to both yourself and to others. The goal is a distributed infrastructure for global contribution, connecting individuals through their actions, paving the way for a world where an ever-increasing pool of shared resources are allocated democratically, based on the needs of the community.
  • Step fourA New Path to Trust and Leadership

    Much as our tools foster decentralized governance, they also seek to cultivate leadership through offering opportunities. Using Circles and The Altruistic Wallet, new leaders can emerge from within communities, their authority rooted in trust gained through competence and reputation proven through successful endeavours. These systems help to find, encourage and leverage the skills and talents of those most dedicated and valuable to their communities, offering new paths to shared security and prosperity.
  • Step fiveThe Community Owned Business Model

    The Altruistic Wallet also lays the groundwork for the ultimate systemic change: community-owned businesses. Through using the wallet to fund local businesses that in turn return dividends into the wallet, a positive loop can be created where the shared economy grows instead of shrinking through increased profit taking.These enterprises prioritize service over profit, with any surplus fuelling further community projects or businesses, embodying a sustainable cycle of growth and support.
  • Step sixConsumer Democracy

    As blockchain and adjacent technologies mature and supply chains become more traceable, we will, for the first time in human history, find ourselves in a situation of information symmetry. The buyer of a product will be as informed about its origin and production circumstances as the seller. This will make it possible for every purchase we make to become an informed decision and a vote for the world we want. With the support of beneficial open-source AI, we will be able to take the next step towards a dynamic and distributed democracy, moving us ever closer towards the world we collectively and consciously chose.

Explore our users stories for a deeper dive into the steps and concepts.

Let's shape a Future the Works for Everyone. Together

.While it is early days yet and we may not yet have all the answers, we feel this roadmap presents a plausible path towards a more connected, equitable, and sustainable world. If it resonates with you, please reach out and hopefully we can walk it together. Because together is the only way we will create a future that has a place for everyone.