Our Partners

Cooperation is the name of the game

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.


Our Partners. And Why.

Systems Lab is part of a greater network, part of a new organism being born, if you will. Our main role and purpose in this greater organism is to provide software for discovery and communication, a way for the mycelium or dendrites of our ecosystem to reach out and connect. An infrastructure for species-wide communication and collaboration. Just as mycelium shares not only information but also resources, this too is part of our remit. To build a decentralised system that will serve our partners and allow them to not only manage their projects better together, but also to fund them and provide other resources.

Below you'll find a few of our more established partnerships.

More than just hope, more than just a dream, more than just you and I. It is just possibly a ticket for our existence. These are the words that introduce us to the Ecocivilisation movement, that all of us at the Lab are proud supporter of. We have been designing Circles in close partnership with this movement, that will be one of the first communities that will trial the platform this year. 

It perhaps goes without saying that Ecocivilisation is what we are aiming for here at the Lab. It is ultimately why we do what we do. We want us to go to the stars. Rocket ships won't get us there. Civilisation will. Ecocivilisation, to be specific.

Though we resonate with all the goals of the 8One Foundation, the first four, summarised under A Frameworks for a Better World, speak to our partnership in particular. The very good people at the foundation have been intrinsic in the prototyping under the labs remit and Circles will soon be the main tool used in the F.A.I.R project, supported by UNESCO.

Did we mention that the team at 8One are very good people? We did? Good. They are literally the best!

Despite being a fairly recent partner to the Lab, AfrikaBurn has quickly taken pole position as an active supporter and cheerleader for the Circles platform as well as the Altrusisitc Wallet. This should hardly be surprising as our values are very much aligned and AfrikaBurn has long been planning on designing a similar non-commercial open-source platform to house its vast and heterodox alumni.

We are very much looking forward to hosting a motley crew of burners as the test pilots of Circles. Just ask us before you burn anything down, guys!

EARTHwise is a visionary movement and ecosystem for a thrivable world and future that counts an impressive number of organisations and thought leaders in their network. We are particularily impressed with EARTHwise Constitution for planetary civilisation, and excited about the deeply innovative  ELOWYN game that seeks to transform and empower our youth, which isn't exactly the priority of most game designers today.

However, it is exactly the focus of the Social Systems Lab and we are doing out best to not only keep up with the EARTHwise cohort, but bring something useful to the table where the rubber meets the road, or the game meshes with reality, as it were.

With the wildly audacious vision of serving our 10 000 cities and bio-regions on planet earth and the ambition to get the job done, Living Cities Earth(LCE) boasts an impressive network of co-founders, each individual representing their own additional network being weaved into a tapestry of transformation.

 LCE focusses on curating and then offering the best practical tools that help facilitate whole system change for cities and bio-regions. They work hands on with mayors and their administrations across the globe, connecting people, projects, resources and tools to help create places where people can thrive in harmony with their ecosystem.

Needless to say, we are very exited to be one of the software providers for this exiting, valuable and deeply aligned mission!

Keen to join our cohort?

If you are working on an open-source project or perhaps are interested in being a test pilot for one of ours, then get in touch!