What is all this about then?

Social Systems lab is a not-for-profit design studio & social innovation lab prototyping and incubating tools for a transforming world. Because change, at least sustainable and regenerative change, and for all its philosophy and noble intent, comes down to good engineering. Or rather, engineering for the good of society. 

We are a network of developers, designers, researchers, students activists and other makers of change from across the globe. We have joined in the shared purpose of understanding the mechanisms beneath our social systems with the goal of making them better in the most practical ways possible.

We look to improve the condition of human society through experimenting and designing new tools to support and deepen relationships, increase flows and encourage new learnings for individuals and groups, be they engaged in transformational practices or not. Because, ultimately, we are in this together.

The work we do seeks to empower grassroots and hands-on networks and organisations in the civic and environmental space. Much of the work done on our project comes from volunteering as our operational budget is still relatively limited. If you'd like to see the tools we aim to provide become a reality sooner, please consider donating.

If there is a particular project you'd like us to direct your donation towards, you can include this in your donation message. :) 

Keen to get involved? 



We are always keen to explore new ideas and potential opportunities to create together.