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Our main mission is to be the custodians of CoDo, an open-source and free to use toolbox to support changemakers and their networks. We are also involved in and integrating with several other adjacent projects, such as the Altruistic Wallet and the Ecocivilisation Hackalong. Read more below!

Got a project that you’d like to tie into our corner of the universe? Get in touch and we'll explore how together!

The Presence

The Presence is part self-sovereign identity and part decentralised communication infrastructure. Each individual profile is also a node in the peer-to-peer distributed network. Each node or profile stores the information it wishes to share with the greater network, but also the information of the nodes closest to it. This meshwork of nodes allows for the flow of communication without interference of a third party.

Each individual users creates and controls their own presence through their profile, containing what they wish to share with the world. This profile is then used to underwrite what information they share and record deeds they do and what consequences they have. Their presence, so to speak.

The Presence and the decentralised social network it enables is core to the CoDo Ecosystem, but is by its very nature free to use by any individual, organisation or network.


  • Self-sovereign identity.
  • Decentralised social network.
  • Peer-to-peer communication.
Where we're at

  • Alpha version build on IPFS
  • User testing estimated Q3 2022
  • Launch date Q1 2023

The Atlas

The Atlas is our space-based interface. Anything that exists in the physical world, in both time and space, can have a digital twin on the map. Thus The Atlas can host individuals, places, events and other projects alike, as well as any other type of data that can be tied to a location.

However, in order to make sure that the information is up to date and relevant, all data points need to be verified by individual users. A map full of our of date or irrelevant links is of little use to anyone, after all, and of no use at all to the changemaker eager to get things done.

Once fully operational, individual users, organisations and networks will be able to create their own "layers" upon the map where they can share not only individual data points but entire flows of data. Other users can then use these "maps" to navigate a shared world. 

We are currently designing a centralised version for the CoDo Ecosystem, but the codebase is open source and anyone who'd like to come and play is welcome, be they developers, designers or content creators.   


  • User updated and curated.
  • Multiple map overlays.
  • Verified for relevance by the network.
Where we're at

  • Centralised alpha version in production.
  • User testing estimated Q3 2022
  • Decentralised version estimated second half of 2023

The Holoverse

The Holoverse is our name for a new type of interface that is unique to the CoDo Ecosystem, looking past the horizon of Web 3 and beyond. Where the Atlas allows us to navigate familiar physical spacetime, the Holoverse allows us to visualise and orientate ourselves in the world of relationships. In the holoverse, physical proximity is less relevant than connectedness, be it through shared interests, goals, and values and ultimately through trust. 

In the Holoverse our connections are ours and ours alone. We drag and drop people onto circles, or holons as we sometimes call them, if we wish to share digital information or just have a conversation. What happens in the holon, stays in the holon, as encryption keeps all uninvited parties out. 

In the same way we will be able to move our connections to match their proximity to us, decide who we share what with, and se how we are connected to everyone and everything, in some way or another. When we pull at some part of the holoverse, we find it connected to everything else. A good reminder that we are not alone or unconnected, no matter how lonely contemporary life can seem at times. 


  • Connection-based visualisation.
  • Drag-and-drop interface
  • Web three prepared.
Where we're at

  • Conceptualising and designing
  • Prototyping in Q2 2022
  • Alpha testing (centralised) prototypes in Q3 2022

The Red Button Process

Making change is intrinsic to changemakers, but as always, practice makes perfect. Change may inevitable, but achieving the intended and sought after change is another matter entirely. This is where the Red Button Process comes in.

Once you are committed to embarking on your own mission of change, be it local and relatively simple, or global, vast and complex, you press the red button, acknowledging to your network and the rest of the world that you are now committed to your cause and will not let up until the job is done. The Red Button Process takes you along the path step by step in order to support you and give you the best possible odds to succeed. 

The Red Button Process is part wizard, part coach, and fully there to help you achieve your goal, provided this goal is aligned with the purpose of CoDo and your network of fellow changemakers. And whether you lead your own project or support the projects of others', your contribution will not be forgotten. To the contrary, the more projects you are part of, the more appreciated you will become. And the more appreciated, the more trusted by the rest of the network. And the more trusted you are, the more leverage you will have in your own change making. Which is pretty handing, seeing as how making change is the name of the game.


  • A step by step guide to change the world.
  • An invitation to commit.
  • A rite of passage for changemakers.
Where we're at

  • Research and design phase
  • Prototyping in Q3 2022
  • Tentative initial trials in Q4 2022

The Altruistic Wallet

Put simply, the Altruistic Wallet is a wallet that works like any other wallet, except that you can't use it on yourself, you can only use it on someone else. In the CoDo Ecosystem, this translates into spending it on projects verified and supported by the members of the network.

The Altruistic Wallet differs from a traditional wallet in more ways than this though, in that it can contain more than money. This because there are more ways than one to support a project and more offers than pure financing. The Altruistic Wallet can contain various types of volunteering offers, from general labour to specialised skills, whatever you are comfortable sharing.

It can also contain material offers, physical resources that you have that you are happy to share, either by lending them out free of charge, or by donating them to causes and projects that are aligned with your values and goals.

Being able to find resources via the Atlas or the Holoverse interface allows changemakers to plan and execute their individual projects in a far more efficient way, being able to ask the extended network not only for financial donations but actual hands-on participation and physical resources, both of which would otherwise require additional funding. This allows projects to get of the ground sooner and meed their goals swifter.

Also, giving makes you happy.


  • A step by step guide to change the world.
  • An invitation to commit.
  • A rite of passage for changemakers.
Where we're at

  • Joint open source project with several co-creators
  • Currently in early conceptual design
  • Tentative initial trials in Q4 2022

The Ecocivilisation Hackalong

The Ecocivilisation Hackalong is another joint project where Social Systems Labs is contributing in concept, design and curating. The hackalong, which unlike a traditional "hackathon" is collaborative rather than competitive, focusses on joint projects and connections that grow after the main event.

The Hackalong itself is biannual and planned to take place on each equinox, with a half-way progress checking on each solstice, in order to align with planetary rhythms and patterns. The purpose is to explore the Ecocivilisation as a concept, and arrive at commonly shared understanding of what we want our civilisation to deliver in a few decades from now. 

The hackalong is a chance to explore new technologies, ideas and practices, to connect with each other and to shape the future systems we want to see in order to become the species we want to be. It will explore both the "solarpunk", the active outward focussed drive for sustainable change, but also what we have given the name "lunarpunk", the calmer, more inward exploration of who we are and what motivates us. 

As we move between the spring and autumn equinoxes, one might imagine the passing of a torch between hemispheres, reminding us all that we are part of a greater cycle.

We would love for you and your network to add your light to this shared flame.


  • A collaborative project where SSL is one contributor.
  • A new operation system for our future civilisation.
  • A story of the future.
Where we're at

  • Joint open source project with several co-creators
  • Currently in conceptual design
  • First trial hackalong set for second equinox 2022

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